Young Carer Grant regulations: consultation

We are consulting on the development of the policy and regulations for the Young Carer Grant, a new benefit which will be delivered by Social Security Scotland.

1. Introduction

1. The Scotland Act 2016 devolved new social security powers to Scotland. This includes benefits for carers; 'carer's assistance'. Scottish Ministers are using these powers to introduce the Young Carer Grant, a new form of financial help for young carers. The Social Security (Scotland) Act 2018 [2] sets out the overarching framework for the administration of social security in Scotland.

2. The Social Security in Scotland Consultation ran from July to October 2016. The question on how the Scottish Government could improve the support given to young people with significant caring responsibilities, beyond what is already available, received 60 responses from organisations and individuals.

3. On 20 September 2017 the First Minister announced a new package of support for young carers, with the Young Carer Grant as its centrepiece. This grant will be paid by autumn 2019.

4. In line with the principles of dignity, respect and fairness, the Scottish Government has received, and is continuing to take, views from young carers through the Young Carer Panel. The Young Carer Panel is a platform for young people ages 16-25 with experience of caring to help shape the policy and design of the Young Carer Grant.

5. The Young Carer Grant Working Group was established in October 2017. It consists of young carer representatives, young carer services, local and national carer organisations, national youth organisations and COSLA. The group helps to gather evidence, bring a variety of informed perspectives and provide feedback on proposals.


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