Community Justice Outcomes, Performance and Improvement Framework

This framework provides greater transparency over progress in achieving improved outcomes for community justice.

10 Annex B: Access to Services

People have better access to the services they require, including welfare, health and wellbeing, housing and employability

Indicator: Existence of joint-working arrangements such as processes/protocols to ensure access to services to address underlying needs

Housing protocol measure

  • Do you have a current, fit-for-purpose joint working protocol in place setting out roles and responsibilities with regards to the prevention of homelessness, and provision of accommodation, of:
    i) people prior to sentencing;
    ii) people on community sentences;
    iii) people in custody and on release from prison;
    iv) people in secure units and on release from secure units.
  • Is the protocol reviewed on an annual basis?
  • Does the protocol include at least the following partners:
  • Scottish Prison Service;
  • Local Authority - Social Work;
  • Local Authority - Housing;
  • Housing providers - non Local Authority, including those providing supported accommodation;
  • Integration Joint Board;
  • Third Sector - providing services in an accommodation setting;
  • Department of Work and Pensions.


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