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How to apply for the Community Growing Fund 2019 to 2020 - closed

Guide for community groups, public sector bodies and third sector organisations on applying for funding to support local growing projects.

How to apply for the Community Growing Fund 2019 to 2020 - closed
Scoring criteria

Scoring criteria

Applicants will be scored according to the following criteria. We cannot award grants to all applicants.

1. How well the project meets the Good Food Nation aims and objectives of social justice, health, environmental sustainability and knowledge. Up to 4 points can be awarded in relation to each of these Good Food Nation objectives, which are described in more detail as follows:

Question 3.2:

a) social justice – everyone in Scotland has the means to have ready access to the healthy, nutritious food they need

b) health – everyone in Scotland to have ready access to the healthy, nutritious food they need, with dietary-related diseases like heart disease and diabetes in decline

c) environmental sustainability – support a reduction in the environmental impact of food consumption in Scotland, for the benefit of the environment and people of Scotland

d) knowledge – everyone in Scotland takes a keen interest in their food, knowing what constitutes good food, valuing it and seeking it out when they can

Up to 16 points may be awarded in total in relation to meeting the Good Food Nation objectives (criteria a to d).

2. Up to 4 points will also be awarded in relation to each of the following criteria:

e) question 3.4 – the value for money that your project offers, and the reasonableness of the amount of funding sought

f) question 3.6 – whether your project is located in an area of social deprivation, based on the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD. Projects located in the most deprived areas will score higher (question scoring : 4 (SIMD decile 1 or 2), 3 (SIMD decile 3), 2 (SIMD decile 4), 1 (SIMD decile 5), 0 (SIMD decile 6 to 10)

g) question 4.1 – the skills and expertise your organisation already has to help you to deliver the project

h) question 4.3 – the number of people who will benefit from your project – the greater the number of people to benefit from your project, the higher it will score (question scoring : 1 (<15 people), 2 (16-30), 3 (31-45), 4 (>45))

i) question 4.5 – have risks been identified regarding non-delivery of the project and have plans been put in place as to how to address and mitigate such risks?

j) question 4.6 – how your project will continue after the grant funding has ceased. We want to see details of the future of your project and its longevity

Each application will be scored against the criteria outlined above with the highest scoring applications awarded funding. The maximum total score that can be achieved is 40.

Application form questions 3.3, 3.5, 4.2 and 4.4 do not count towards the scoring of your application.  Only the part of question 3.2 in relation to how you meet the Good Food Nation objectives you have selected in your application is scored. The remainder of question 3.2 is not scored. These non-scoring questions are intended to invite further information on your project so that we can establish a clear picture of why the grant funding is being requested and how the grant will be used.

We aim to write to successful applicants during the week beginning 6 May 2019.

Your grant offer letter must be signed by both you and the Scottish Government and a copy returned to Food and Drink Division before any expense can be incurred. Costs incurred before the date your signed acceptance is received by Food and Drink Division will be at the applicant’s own risk and those costs will be deemed ineligible.