Welfare of laying hens: code of practice

The code aims to help those responsible for laying hens to look after them properly.


Copies of the legislation quoted in the Code are available from The Stationery Office:

TSO Publications

Telephone orders: 0870 600 5522

Website: http://www.tsoshop.co.uk

Further information - If you would like any further information or advice relating to this code please contact:

The Scottish Government's Animal Welfare Team on 0300 244 9382.

Other useful information can be found in:

"Joint Industry Welfare Guide to the Handling of End of Lay Hens and Breeders."

The Humane Slaughter Association's Booklet: "The Practical Slaughter of Poultry - A Guide for the Small Producer" ISBN number 1 871561 167

Explanatory leaflet on the EC egg marketing standards regulations (Explanatory Leaflet EMR 1)

Explanatory leaflet on the production methods for eggs marketed under the special marketing terms (Explanatory Leaflet EMR 14)

Consolidated version of Commission Regulation ( EC) No. 589/2008 (as amended)

Welfare of animals during transport - Advice for transporters of poultry ( PB 12544e)

Heat stress in poultry - solving the problem ( PB 10543)

The welfare of poultry at slaughter or killing ( PB 13539)


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