Welfare of laying hens: code of practice

The code aims to help those responsible for laying hens to look after them properly.

Breeding procedures

Schedule 1, paragraph 28 of the Welfare of Farmed Animals (Scotland) Regulations 2010 (S.S.I. 2010 No. 388) states that:

Natural or artificial breeding or breeding procedures, which cause, or are likely to cause, suffering or injury to any of the animals concerned must not be practised.

Sub-paragraph (1) (above), does not preclude the use of natural or artificial breeding procedures which are likely to cause minimal or momentary suffering or injury or that might necessitate interventions which would not cause lasting injury.

Schedule 1, paragraph 29 states that:

No person may keep an animal for farming purposes unless it can reasonably be expected, on the basis of their genotype or phenotype, that it can be kept without detrimental effect on its health or welfare.

68 When considering the establishment or replacement of a flock, the choice of hybrid should be made with the aim of reducing welfare and health problems.


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