Scottish climate change adaptation programme: progress report 2018

Fourth annual progress report on the Climate Ready Scotland: Scottish climate change adaptation programme.

Purpose of the Report

Fourth Annual Progress Report

Under Section 54 of the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009, Scottish Ministers must make annual reports to the Scottish Parliament assessing progress on Scotland's statutory Adaptation Programme. This is the Fourth Annual Progress Report on the first five-year Scottish Climate Change Adaptation Programme published in 2014.

This Report sets out the context for climate adaptation in Scotland, highlighting that we are already experiencing climate change, that there are a range of future risks and opportunities, and that we have a developing evidence base that is informing action. It sets out the statutory requirements for adaptation in terms of an Adaptation Programme, its update and yearly progress reports. It provides a summary of the core content of the Programme, the highlights to date, and the findings of the first Independent Assessment of the Programme in 2016. Finally, this Report refers to the development of Scotland's second five-year Adaptation Programme which is to be published in 2019.

Previous Annual Reports

The first annual progress report was published in 2015.
The second annual progress report was published in 2016.
The third annual progress report was published in 2017.


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