Children and Young People’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Programme Board minutes: December 2020

Minutes of the meeting of the Children and Young People’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Programme Board (CYPMHW), held on 16 December 2020.

Attendees and apologies

Programme Board members:

  • Jane O’Donnell, (Co-Chair) COSLA        
  • Donna Bell, (Co-Chair) SG
  • Douglas Guest, Home Start 
  • Hugh McAloon, SG, Programme Director
  • Joanna Murphy, National Parent Forum Scotland 
  • Lynne Jarvis, NHS National Services Scotland 
  • Martin Crewe, Barnardos 
  • Michael Chalmers, SG, Director for Children and Families 
  • Morven Graham, ASPEP 
  • Ross Sanderson, Royal College of Nursing 
  • Sam Ansonx, SG, Deputy Director 
  • Cathy Richards, SG, Advisor
  • Gayle Cooney, Association of Clinical Psychologists (ACP)


  • Alex Cumming, SAMH
  • Elaine Lockheart, Royal college of Psychiatrists 
  • Jennifer Russel, Integrated Joint Board Chief Officers
  • David MacDonald, National Parent Forum Scotland
  • Sarah Robertson, Youth Link Scotland 
  • Eleanor McCallum, Integrated Joint Board Chief Officers


  • Fiona Drouet, National Suicide Prevention Leadership Group
  • Hannah Axon, COSLA
  • Eddie Folan, COSLA
  • Laura Meikle, SG Learning Directorate 


  • Amanda Croft, NHS Board Chief Executives
  • Carey Lunan, Royal College of General Practitioners 
  • Dona Milne, Scottish Directors of Public Health Group 
  • Grace Vickers, SOLACE 
  • Louise Long, Integrated Joint Board Chief Officers
  • Graeme Henderson, SAMH
  • Sheila Downie, Royal Collage Speech and Language Therapy 
  • Kevin Kelman, ADES
  • Susan Hunter, Youth Borders
  • Jackie Irvine, Social Work Scotland 
  • Caroline Hiscox, NHS board Chief executives
  • Lynne McNiven, Scottish Directors of Public Health Group 
  • Jennifer Halliday, Child Consultant and Physiatrist
  • Linda De Caestecker, Public Health Director


  • Zahra Hedges, Admin (temporary) 
  • Judy Thomson, Workforce theme lead
  • Hannah Axon, COSLA
  • Neil Guy, Crisis Support team leader
  • Maggie Fallon, SG, Children and Young People’s Mental Health 
  • Sara Preston, Engagement officer 
  • Stephen Mcleod, CAMHS & Neurodevelopmental theme lead 
  • Frank Reid, SG, Suicide Prevention 
  • Leon Young, Admin Support
  • Zak Galmiche, Admin Support

Items and actions

Welcome and introduction

JO’D thanked all for attending meeting. She stated that the meeting will be recorded and asked members to express any concerns if this was an issue.  

Minutes and actions

Minutes and actions from the previous meeting were agreed by all members. 

Neurodevelopmental Service Specification update

JO’D invited SM and JW to provide and update on the Neurodevelopmental Service Specification.

JO’D asked if there was a gap in resources and what can we do in our roles to provide leadership.

DG emphasised that the paper should include stories and experiences from parents to fully understand their journeys.

MG stated that the papers seem to have been further updated and it might be helpful to discuss the changes and/or additions. MG commented that she found it hard to find information and the possible implications of resources for partners. She asked if this should be considered before the paper is published. 

SM invited members to share their views of the 7 standards. SM also noted that resources require a detailed baseline understanding of current arrangements before any decision can be considered. It was also noted that some appendices have been amended/updated slightly. 

MG suggested further conversation would be beneficial to provide sufficient feedback.

SP agreed with DG that in depth experiences from families are key and offered to support this work as engagement officer.  


  • any further comments on the Neurodevelopmental Service Specification to be submitted to SM and JW by January 22nd 2021
  • SP to liaise with SM to provide input into the specification

Deliverables update

Members were asked to look at the deliverables update paper and any questions would be answered by the policy leads.

GH asked about the Distress Brief Intervention (DBI) programme and the plans for further roll out. 

JO’D requested that the DBI programme is added to the agenda at the next board.

EL explained that Grampian and Lanarkshire are the two pilot areas and will commence training in January. The team is working with schools to create a safe, robust package to be rolled out to 14 year olds in these areas. The pilot is still at very early stages.

GH – suggested that this could be traffic from CAMHS and possibly classed as ‘rejected referrals’ from CAMHS.


  • leads to be noted on each of the deliverables
  • DBI update to be added to new PB agenda for an update on the programme

Next steps workshop update

HA and MF provided an update on the workshop event and outlined the progression made.

MF explained that the engagement of Children and Young People identified a need for the youth voice to be central to all deliverables going forward and also the wider family’s views. There should also be a wide geographical representation of C and YP’s views.

MF said members of the workshop felt a newsletter and stronger presence on social media would be helpful to highlight progress. MF also noted that the paper 4 Appendix 2 in its current form is raising questions around how the governance structure will look of the new board and is happy to discuss this further as a final proposal is agreed between SG and COSLA.

SP and JO’D thanked ZH for her work since joining the CYPMHW Programme Management office and leading on the workshop event. SP also noted that feedback was positive and that most members appreciated that format of the event. 

School counselling 

LM provided update on school counselling and discussed that each local authority is at a different stage. There are varied approaches across multiple LA’s and collaboratives on working with partners will implement delivery of a counselling service. The development of  whole school approaches including guidance for schools was delivered in August, four months early to support schools returning from the pandemic. LM explained that she is currently working on support for training for all school staff and the whole school approach framework to mental health in schools which will be delivered in Spring 2021. The next steps proposes summary paper to highlight positive practice and move to reporting and monitoring. 

Perinatal and infant mental health

RC delivered presentation on Hugh Masters’ behalf regarding the delivery plan for the mental health pledge and plans to roll out their services. 

MG suggested that a list of the perinatal and infant MH Executives would be helpful. 

EL stated that the Community Mental Health funding was for ages 5 and over. She emphasised that the board need to focus on ages 4 and under to ensure they aren’t missing out in any way.

MC noted that he is interested to see how Programme Board can link in with Perinatal Board. He explained that the overlap of ages should be discussed as a key priority. 

Action: Scottish Government and COSLA will consider how the age gap between the Children and Young People and Infant and Perinatal mental health policy board should be addressed.


JO’D summarised: 

  • comments on the Neurodevelopmental Specification to SM and JW by the 22nd January 
  • DBI Project to be added to the agenda for the new board
  • the new board will continue to make the links with the perinatal board
  • the new board will continue to be updated on counselling in schools programme

JO’D and DB thanked everyone involved with the work of this board throughout the year and on their focus on supporting the mental health of children and young people. Comments from the board will be shared with the group taking forward the next phase of this work in 2021. 

Mental Health Directorate 
Scottish Government

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