Realising Realistic Medicine: Chief Medical Officer for Scotland annual report 2015-2016 appendix

Case studies of applying the personalised, patient-centred Realistic Medicine approach across Scotland.

NHS Shetland

Initial thoughts

The themes of Realistic Medicine have been universally accepted and articulated in a positive way. Both Shared Decision Making and investigation of unwarranted Variation are important for the future of Medicine.

What have we done so far?

A seminar programme has been commenced involving the Integrate Joint Board. This included non-executive directors and council members. The seminar was example-focused, using scenarios based on real-life conversations clinicians have had about patients choosing to have or not to have treatments.

The seminar also covered the concept of Numbers Needed to Treat and highlighted the importance of explaining this accurately to lay people to enhance their ability to make decisions.

What next?

The chief Nurse for NHS Shetland and the Medical Director are presenting to the whole Clinical Care and Professional Governance Committee on Realistic Medicine, aiming to consider how Clinical Governance can support the aims of Realistic Medicine.

Final thoughts

Doctors apply science to human people. We need to consider this as part of our long-term national training process.


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