Realising Realistic Medicine: Chief Medical Officer for Scotland annual report 2015-2016 appendix

Case studies of applying the personalised, patient-centred Realistic Medicine approach across Scotland.

University of Glasgow

Initial thoughts

Realistic medicine is important for Undergraduate education - embedding the philosophy in undergraduates at an early stage means they are likely to carry this though their career, and making links with other institutions who train health professionals, e.g. Caledonian University, is likely to help embed this philosophy.

What have we done so far?

A holistic, inter-professional education pilot has been started. Students from a variety of health professions undertake case-based discussions around a number of multidisciplinary themes; focusing on the patient-centred aspects of care.

The Vocational Studies programme includes training in communications, evidence-based medicine and professionalism. Students undertake four clinical placements in four team settings including General Practice, the Emergency Department, Medicine for the Elderly and a hospice setting, and then reflect on how the team functions; working with multidisciplinary students from a similar stage.

Resilience training is being developed, with a focus on mindfulness, and a peer support network has been established to promote professionalism and support networks at an early stage.

What next?

The inter-professional pilot is being expanded to include Social Work students and will start this academic year. The patient safety and resilience themes in the curriculum will be assessed using a broader exam. An enhanced ward-based simulation will be rolled out, where medical and nursing students will work together to make decisions in a simulated Hospital at Night scenario. A Director of Simulation has been appointed to share best practice.

Final thoughts

Teaching students to appreciate and value their fellow professions at an early stage will enhance their ability to provide personalised care to future patients.

External views of the new Teaching and Learning Centre at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.

External views of the new Teaching and Learning Centre at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.


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