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Business and Regulatory Impact Assessments (BRIA) toolkit

Published: 14 Nov 2018
Economic Development Directorate
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This toolkit is a collection that makes up the complete BRIA guidance. We have also produced a template for completing a BRIA and best practice examples.

Business and Regulatory Impact Assessments (BRIA) toolkit
Test Run of Business Forms

Test Run of Business Forms

All new forms introduced as a result of Scottish Government legislation must also be "test run" as early as possible with appropriate businesses, business organisations etc. to ensure they are clear, simple and easy to complete.  It can be useful to get business/business organisations to help in the development process, however there is a firm commitment to visit an appropriate sample of 6-12 business likely to be affected by the proposal.  In completing this section of the impact assessment template, provide details of any new forms being introduced.  Explain how they were developed, what input business etc. had in their development and the results of the ‘test run’.