Business and Regulatory Impact Assessments (BRIA) toolkit

This toolkit is a collection that makes up the complete BRIA guidance. We have also produced a template for completing a BRIA and best practice examples.


There Are Three Distinct Groups Who You Must Consult With And Record Their Input On The Affect Of The Proposed Legislation:

  • Within Government

List the Government agencies, directorates and enforcement bodies that you have consulted and explain how their input supported the formulation of the policy proposals.

  • Public Consultation

For Partial stage BRIAs - Give details of any informal consultation carried out prior to publication of the formal consultation and include details of how long the formal consultation will run for.

Consultation documents should be accompanied by a partial BRIA, to encourage comment by those the proposals may affect.

For Final stage BRIAs – Update the partial BRIA with the public consultation results, any related and subsequent developments to the proposal and any impact on the decision being taken from these results.

  • Business

Provide details of the 6-12 businesses you have had face-to-face discussions with – Numbers, names where appropriate, size, sector and locations along with what form your engagement took.  The results of this consultation form the main part of the Scottish Firms Impact Test section. 

If you plan to complete this stage during the public consultation period provide details of how you will go about this.



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