Business and Regulatory Impact Assessments (BRIA) toolkit

This toolkit is a collection that makes up the complete BRIA guidance. We have also produced a template for completing a BRIA and best practice examples.

Declaration and Publication

The Cabinet Secretary or Minister responsible for the policy (or the Chief Executive of non-departmental public bodies and other agencies if appropriate) is required to sign off all BRIAs prior to publication.  

Use appropriate text from the choices provided whether you are completing a partial or Final BRIA.  Please delete the option you are not using.

Five hard copies of any published BRIA should be sent to the Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe) and an electronic copy sent to their collections team.  Where appropriate, one copy each should be sent to the following:

  • The lead committee
  • Delegated Powers and Law Reform Committee
  • Parliament Legal Advisors

You should publish your signed BRIA on using APS.



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