Business and Regulatory Impact Assessments (BRIA) toolkit

This toolkit is a collection that makes up the complete BRIA guidance. We have also produced a template for completing a BRIA and best practice examples.

Digital Impact Test

The options section of the toolkit stresses the need to consider the impact on advances in technology and the impact this may have on future delivery.  This section of the toolkit addresses the key challenge of thinking and gathering evidence about the impact of technology on specific industries, firm types and businesses of different sizes.

Digital Impact Test 

Changes to policy, regulation or legislation can often have unintended consequences, should government fail to consider advances in technology and the impact this may have on future delivery.  

The digital impact test requires officials to consider whether the changes being made can still be applied effectively should business/government processes changes – such as services moving online.

Explain here the consideration you have given to ensuring that your proposal is consistent with the increasing shift of economic, social and governmental interactions online.  For example: 

  • Does the measure take account of changing digital technologies and markets? 
  • Will the measure be applicable in a digital/online context? 
  • Is there a possibility the measures could be circumvented by digital / online transactions?  
  • Alternatively will the measure only be applicable in a digital context and therefore may have an adverse impact on traditional or offline businesses? 
  • If the measure can be applied in an offline and online environment will this in itself have any adverse impact on incumbent operators? 

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