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Buchanan and St Ambrose High School Campus Independent Review: privacy notice

Published: 24 Jun 2019

How the review will handle your personal data.

24 Jun 2019
Buchanan and St Ambrose High School Campus Independent Review: privacy notice

An independent review of the evidence in relation to the reported health and safety concerns at Buchanan and St Ambrose High School campus is being undertaken by Paul Cackette, the Scottish Government Chief Planning Reporter, and Dr Margaret Hannah, a former Director of Public Health.

The review is conducted under the Public Health Act 2008. 

Information the review will collect about you

You have contacted the review to express your views and/or to provide information you consider relevant.

When you contacted the review, you may have included personal information about yourself such as your email address, postal address and other sensitive personal data in support of your views, for example, information about your family’s health.

 The legal basis for processing this information falls within Article 6(1)(e) of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – processing is necessary for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest.

Information sharing

The review will be conducted in a fair, open and transparent manner.  In practice what this means is that submissions that are to be considered by the review body will be available at: Buchanan and St Ambrose High School Campus Independent Review

In order to protect your personal data from any unnecessary disclosure, we will redact: 

  • your personal telephone number 
  • personal mobile number 
  • personal address 
  • personal email address
  • your signature
  • any sensitive information about your health or finances, will also be removed before publication

Scottish Government will not publish comments which in their view may be considered defamatory or obscene.

Data protection

This review is independent of Scottish Ministers but the Scottish Government is providing secretarial support. We process your personal data in accordance with the GDPR and will:

  • only use the information for the purposes of the independent review of Buchanan and St Ambrose High School campus
  • only publish the information for as long as reasonably necessary, expected to be 12 months after the review has concluded
  • the documentation you have submitted and any personal information contained therein will be retained for a period of 10 years in line with the Scottish Government file retention policy 

Access to your personal data

For any enquiry or concern about this Buchanan and St Ambrose High School Independent Review Privacy Policy, or to request access to your personal data (a Subject Access Request) please contact the Scottish Government Data Protection Officer either:

  • in writing: Data Protection and Information Assets Team, Information and Technology Services, V Spur, Saughton House, Broomhouse Drive, Edinburgh, EH11 3XD, or 
  • by email: 

Further information about accessing your personal data is available at: Subject access request   

We aim to resolve any enquiries or concerns about the processing of your personal data to your satisfaction.  However if you are not satisfied with our response, you may contact the Information Commissioner’s Office, 45 Melville Street, Edinburgh, EH3 7HL, by telephone 0303 123 1115 or by email





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