On Board: a guide for members of statutory boards

Guidance for all those appointed under statute to be members of the boards of public bodies in Scotland.

Gifts and Hospitality

As a Board member, you should ensure that the reputation of your public body is not damaged through the receipt (or provision) of inappropriate gifts and hospitality.

Gifts and Hospitality

  • Do not canvass or actively seek gifts or hospitality;
  • Your conduct should not foster the suspicion of any conflict between your official duties and your private interests;
  • Your actions, when acting in an official capacity, should not give the impression of having been influenced by a gift or consideration to show favour or disfavour to any person or organisation;
  • Do not accept any offer of a gift or hospitality from any individual or organisation that stands to gain from a decision that your public body may be involved in determining or that is seeking to do business with your public body;
  • You should usually refuse offers of gifts and/or hospitality except in the following cases: gifts of an isolated and trivial character under £50; normal hospitality associated with your duties and reasonably regarded as appropriate; or gifts received on behalf of the public body;
  • Do not accept repeated hospitality or repeated gifts from the same source; and
  • If you are in doubt about the propriety of accepting a gift or an item of hospitality you should contact the Standards Officer and/or the Chair for advice.



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