Publication - Minutes

Barclay Implementation Advisory Group meeting: June 2018

Published: 24 Jan 2019
Date of meeting: 20 Jun 2018

Minutes from Barclay Implementation Advisory Group meeting on 20 June 2018.

24 Jan 2019
Barclay Implementation Advisory Group meeting: June 2018

Attendees and apologies

Implementation group members attendees or representatives

  • Ian Storrie, Scottish Government (Chair)
  • Kevin Fraser, IRRV
  • Jonathan Sharma, CoSLA
  • Alan Puckrin, CoSLA
  • Stuart Mackinnon, FSB
  • Graeme McLean, Scotmid
  • Ken McCormack, Montague-Evans
  • Ian Milton, SAA
  • Graeme Strachan, SAA
  • Brian Rogan, CBRE
  • Moira Walker, Walker Rating
  • Mari Tunby, CBI Scotland
  • Jim Mcafferty, IRRV

Also in attendance

  • Alan Bronte, LPS NI
  • Jim Lennon, LPS NI
  • Marianne Barker, Scottish Government
  • James Messis, Scottish Government
  • Reme Diaz, Scottish Government
  • Philip Duffy, Scottish Government
  • Claire Lumsdaine, Scottish Government
  • Rosemary Greenhill, Scottish Government

Items and actions


  • welcome and introductions
  • note of last minute
  • non-domestic rates data: presentation from Alan Bronte and Jim Lennon from LPS
  • NDR Bill consultation
  • NDR impact analysis
  • date of next meeting

Note of key points made in discussion

  1. The group heard a presentation from Alan Bronte and Jim Lennon of the Land and Property Services Northern Ireland. The presentation was positively received by the group who asked a number of questions. The Group thanked Alan and Jim for their attendance.
  2. The group then discussed the consultation paper going through each recommendation requiring primary legislation as set out in the draft of the consultation paper.
  3. The group discussed each recommendation individually with particular focus on recommendation 5b.
  4. The group discussed the contents of the impact assessment and enquired about additional costs.
  5. The group was reminded of the Monday 25 June 2018 publication date.
  6. The group members agreed to raise awareness of the consultation and circulate to relevant stakeholders.
  7. The group agreed to reconvene in August and again in September following the conclusion of the consultation.



Ian Storrie
Victoria Quay