Publication - Minutes

Barclay Implementation Advisory Group meeting: April 2018

Published: 5 Jul 2018
Date of meeting: 20 Apr 2018
Location: Lothian Valuation Joint Board, Edinburgh

Minutes from Barclay Implementation Advisory Group meeting in April 2018.

5 Jul 2018
Barclay Implementation Advisory Group meeting: April 2018

Attendees and apologies

In Attendance

  • Marianne Barker, Scottish Government
  • Ian Storrie, Scottish Government (chair)
  • Stuart Mackinnon, FSB
  • David Magor IRRV (UK)
  • Shane Taylor, Scottish Chambers of Commerce
  • Ken McCormack, RICS/ RSA
  • Graeme McLean, SRC
  • Ian Milton, SAA
  • Graeme Strachan, SAA
  • Moira Walker, SPF
  • Kevin Fraser, IRRV Scotland (practitioners)
  • Alan Puckrin, Directors of Finance/ CoSLA (by phone)


  • Mari Tunby, CBI
  • Jonathan Sharma, CoSLA

Items and actions

Note of key points made in discussion

  1. The Group agreed the note of the previous meeting. It was agreed that all future notes will append a list of Barclay recommendations as a reference.

  2. The Group received feedback from the Billing subgroup on 30 March and Appeals sub-group meeting on 18 April 2018.

  3. The Group discussed Paper 1 tabled for the meeting and comments will be annotated on a revised version of that paper.

List of Barclay recommendations

  1. Business growth accelerator

  2. Three yearly revaluations

  3. Reduction in large business supplement

  4. New relief for day nurseries

  5. Expanding fresh start relief to benefit town centres

  6. Review of plant and machinery valuation

  7. Review of Small Business Bonus Scheme

  8. ‘Road map’ for future rates changes

  9. Provision of better information

  10. Relief recipients to be published

  11. Employ rateable value finder product

  12. More transparency & consistency from Assessors

  13. Greater information gathering power for Assessors

  14. Standardised rates bills across Scotland

  15. Incentivise online billing

  16. Penalty for non-provision of information to councils

  17. Councils to make refund payments faster

  18. Enable quicker debt recovery from ratepayers

  19. Reform of the appeals system

  20. General anti avoidance rule (GAAR)

  21. Close empty property relief loophole Covered under GAAR

  22. Close SBBS second homes loophole

  23. All relief awards to be checked for errors

  24. Reform charity relief (partially progressed)

  25. Relief restricted to properties in active occupation

  26. Reform empty property relief

  27. Sports relief for affordable community facilities

  28. All property should be on valuation roll (not progressed)

  29. Commercial agricultural processing (not progressed)

  30. Commercial activity on parks etc.


Email: Ian Storrie
Victoria Quay