Association of Commercial Attorneys: revised scheme

The scheme has been revised in accordance with the provisions of the Law Reform (Miscellaneous Provisions) (Scotland) Act 1990. The Minister for Community Safety has directed that the Association of Commercial Attorneys bring this into force from 18 June 2019.

7.0 Practising Certificates

7.1 On completion of the Entrance Requirements and the period of supervision and subject to the approval of the Admissions Board the applicant will be issued with a Practising Certificate.

7.2 The Association of Commercial Attorneys will add the successful applicant’s name to the register of members. The member will be identified as holding a practicing certificate. The register will be made available to any member of the public on request.

7.3 The Practising Certificate will remain valid and the person’s name will remain on the register (subject to any disciplinary action) providing that the following is undertaken on a yearly basis:-

  • Proof that the appropriate professional indemnity insurance is in place.
  • Proof that the appropriate Continuing Professional Development requirements, as laid down by the Association, have been met
  • Payment of the annual subscription.

7.4 Practising Certificates can be withdrawn at any time by the Complaints Board of the Association of Commercial Attorneys.



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