Aspiring Communities Fund: application form and guidance

Application form and guidance notes for the Aspiring Communities Fund, which is supported by the European Social Fund (ESF).

The Aspiring Communities Fund is now closed.

The fund will contribute to the achievement of the ESF Operational Programme targets for:

  • Community based or community services supported
  • New childcare places available
  • Deprived or fragile communities supported

And Aspiring Communities Fund targets for:

  • People benefitting from new services/support
  • New or improved community owned assets (noting that capital for acquisition must be obtained from other non ESF sources)

The fund supports new or enhanced activity only, and cannot be used for activities previously or currently funded under any other ESF funding programmes.

Aspiring Communities Fund: Stage 2 application form

Aspiring Communities Fund - Pre-application checklist.doc

Aspiring Communities Fund - Frequently Asked Questions.pdf

Aspiring Communities Fund - guidance and application help notes


Email: Please enter “request for further information” into the subject heading.

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