Social care inspection: consultation – themes and questions - easy read

We are calling for evidence to support the Independent Review of Inspection, Scrutiny and Regulation (IRISR) of social care support which will also include a range of in person and virtual stakeholder events. This easy read guide provides more information about the themes and questions in the consultation.

Theme 4 - How will we know things are working well?

We would like to know what information people need to help them to make decisions about care and support.


  • how can we make sure that people and their families who need care and support, have information about how well services are working?

The information would help people to make decisions about care and support.

  • what information would that be?
  • how can we make the way we collect and share facts, figures and information better?
  • how do we make sure rules and inspections support good ways of working for:
    • people getting care and support?
    • people working in care and support?
    • organisations giving care and support services?



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