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Arctic Connections Fund: form and guidance

Published: 8 Jul 2021

A fund to help Scottish organisations and communities collaborate with partners in the Arctic. It promotes exchange of expertise on shared issues and aims to raise awareness of common ambitions.

Arctic Connections Fund: form and guidance


The Arctic Connections Fund is looking to support projects and activities that increase collaboration and knowledge-exchange between Scottish and Arctic organisations. Please ensure you have read the information below and before putting together your application.

The applicant organisation (lead partner) must be based in Scotland and constitute a “legal person”, meaning it is legally constituted and can enter into a contract.

Organisations that are eligible to apply are:

  • community groups with legal personality and a bank account
  • Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisations (“SCIOs”)
  • academic institutions and research centres
  • social enterprises
  • schools
  • small businesses (up to 49 employees, as defined in the annual Small Business Survey Scotland)

from across Scotland who can demonstrate in their application that they will use grant funding to partner with organisation(s) based in Arctic countries to advance the objectives of the fund and of the Arctic Connections policy framework.

The partnership must include at least one partner based in an Arctic country.

The eligible countries in which your partner organisation(s) must be based are:

  • Iceland
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Finland
  • Denmark (including Faroe Islands and Greenland)
  • Russia
  • United States
  • Canada

Project objectives

Applications should be consistent with the key goals, themes and priorities outlined in Arctic Connections (see section 3.3 in the how to apply section).

Projects will be expected to contribute towards at least one, but preferably more, of the five key outcomes:

  • increased awareness both domestically and internationally of social, economic and/or cultural links between Scotland and the Arctic
  • improved access to transnational networks promoting knowledge-exchange and mutual learning between Scotland and the Arctic
  • development of ideas and solutions capable of strengthening community wellbeing, resilience and regeneration, especially in rural areas and in a COVID-19 recovery perspective
  • increased engagement in the debate on just transition to a net-zero economy and/or sustainable economic growth
  • increased engagement with Indigenous groups and tackling intersectional inequalities in marginalised communities

Projects of particular interest, and given added weighting during the assessment process, will address one (or more) of the following themes:

  • health and wellbeing
  • gender equality
  • sustainable economic development
  • climate change and biodiversity loss
  • clean energy
  • young people
  • digitalisation
  • rural repopulation

Applicants are invited to set out how their project reflects on and addresses the social, cultural and economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Engagement and collaboration with Indigenous Peoples’ organisations is encouraged.

Reporting requirements

Once the project has been completed, grant holders will be required to provide a report on the achievements and outcomes of the project. These will be used to evaluate the success of the Arctic Connections Fund and will be published on our website.