Apply to the Parental Engagement Equalities and Equity Fund 2019 to 2021

Apply for funding for projects that support parents to be involved with their children’s school and engaged with their learning.

What we are looking for

Your project should have a wider positive impact on practice across Scotland, in addition to the particular school or early learning setting involved.

Please read the attached additional guidance for applicants before submitting a bid.

We are most likely to fund projects that:

  • address one or more equalities/equity groups or issues
  • help to provide relevant learning and/or evaluation evidence and/or practical guidance and support products for the wider education system
  • relate to the themes of parental involvement in schooling, parental engagement in children's learning, learning at home or family learning
  • relate to any aspect of the 3 to 18 curriculum age range

You can apply for funding to set up a new project or extend an existing project. For example, this might include an application to fund additional research, produce guidance that can be shared more widely, or a further element to an existing project.

Research activity can form one aspect of or the entirety of an application. If your project involves carrying out research, you will be need to make sure that findings are made available in a clear, accessible way for educators, parents/families and the wider system.

All proposed projects should be supported by a baseline measurement where appropriate and an evaluation strategy.

Intended outcomes to be supported by funded projects

Funded project activities should support the following outcomes:

  • greater awareness amongst practitioners of the main barriers, issues and challenges to involvement/engagement for particular groups of parents and families
  • improvements in practice and approach, skills and knowledge which will lead to improved involvement and engagement of relevant groups/circumstances
  • educational outcomes should also be supported, for example improvements in literacy and numeracy



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