Apply to the Parental Engagement Equalities and Equity Fund 2019 to 2021

Apply for funding for projects that support parents to be involved with their children’s school and engaged with their learning.

Handling your data

All information you provide in support of your application will be stored on our records system. The data we hold may be used for the following purposes:

  • to report statistics
  • to access applications
  • for accounting purposes
  • for contacting you

Your name, address and contact details will be held on our records system. We will use this information to correspond with you, and will not share it with any other organisations.

The details of your application may become public information (see openness and accountability section below). However, your personal details will be held by us and only our staff, appointed auditors and those involved in assessing or monitoring awards will have access to them. 

You have a right under the Data Protection Act 2018 to see the information we hold on you.

By signing the attached cover form you are agreeing that we can use your information for the purposes detailed above.

Openness and accountability

Reports from information you supply with your application and from comments made on your application by external assessors and staff members will be held digitally.

The information you supply will be made available to those assessing your application. 

For the purposes of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2020 (FOISA), we are obliged as a Scottish public authority to make your information (which will include your application) available to anyone making a freedom of information request.

By submitting your proposal, you waive any right to raise any type of legal proceedings against us as a consequence of, or in contemplation of, any disclosure of the contents of your application in response to an information request made under FOISA.

We will release the following information from your funding application if we receive a FOI request:

  • the name of the organisation/applicant
  • the amount of funding requested
  • summary of your project

If more detailed information is requested, we will consider this request under FOISA and apply the Act's exemptions and the public interest test appropriately. If more detail from your funding application is to be disclosed, we will contact you and advise you of this. 

See the Scottish Information Commissioner website for more information about FOISA.



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