Apply to the Parental Engagement Equalities and Equity Fund 2019 to 2021

Apply for funding for projects that support parents to be involved with their children’s school and engaged with their learning.

Decisions on applications

After you have submitted your application, it will be considered by an independent assessment panel.

Your application will be considered against the following criteria, and you will be advised of the outcome of your application by email.


Criteria Score (0-4) Weighting (1.5) Max score available
1. How well does the application support the purpose, aims and intended outcome of the fund?   5 20
2. How well does the application demonstrate that it will have an impact in the wider system, i.e. have a positive impact on wider practice and approach across Scotland?   4 16
3. How well does the application outline evaluation which will be undertaken and how this will support the Scottish evidence base on effective approaches to parental involvement, engagement and family learning?   3 12
4. How well does the application represent value for money including aspects relating to reach and scale of the project?   2 8
5. To what extent does the application seek to develop new approaches to involving or engaging parents/families?   1 4


Applications will be scored 0 to 4 as follows:

0 - unacceptable: nil or inadequate response. Fails to meet the criterion.

1 - poor: response is partially relevant but generally poor. The response addresses some elements of the criteria but contains insufficient/limited detail.

2 - acceptable: the response addresses a broad understand of the criteria but may lack details on how they will be fulfilled in certain areas.

3 - good: the respone is sufficently detailed to demonstrate a good understanding and provides details on how the criteria will be fulfilled.

4 - excellent: the respones is comprehensive, unambiguous and demonstrates a thorough understanding of how the criteria will be met in full.

Approved bids

Grant offer letters will only be issued following satisfaction of any relevant and necessary checks.

Offer letters must be signed and returned to us before any funding can be released.

Please read the attached guidance for more information about the conditions of award, including monitoring and evaluation.


















You will then be advised if you have been successful.




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