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Application design and development services (ADDS) framework

Published: 1 Aug 2016

Guidance for public sector organisations on how to access and use the framework agreement

1 Aug 2016
Application design and development services (ADDS) framework
Who can access: all public sector
Contract status: live
Dates of contract: 1 August 2016 to 31 July 2019
Category: ICT services and software - national


This framework is a multi-supplier agreement. Organisations can use it to run mini competitions or a direct award option for contracts awarded via the framework to deliver a diverse range of application services from design through to deployment and support. 

For the purpose of this framework 'application(s)' means a computer programme designed to perform functionality, tasks or activities that sit within a web portal, users' desktop or mobile platform.

What is in scope

The services that will be delivered under the framework agreement are as follows.

Core services

Applications can be delivered for use on a variety of different devices, including both mobile and traditional desktop interfaces.  ADDS has taken into consideration the Scottish public sector’s Digital First Strategy and includes the following services:

  • application design and build
  • application testing - including both user and performance testing for the new application
  • application deployment and integration services for the new application

Optional services

The optional services listed can only be called off (contracted) from the framework if any of the core services are obtained through the ADDS framework as part of the same call-off (contract) - they cannot be provided independently via this framework. 

  • hosting Services – hosting of the new application
  • support and maintenance – of the new application
  • data migration – migrating data from old systems to the new application
  • security services – related to the new application

Suppliers on the framework are able to deliver ICT projects or services using various traditional methodologies.  In addition to this, and to primarily support more digitally focussed projects, the suppliers can also deliver using agile delivery methodology. (see our guide on procuring for agile projects).

What is out of scope

The ADDS framework agreement is not intended to be used for:

  • support of legacy systems
  • decommissioning of legacy systems
  • testing services – of existing systems
  • consultancy services – not related to the new application
  • development/implementation of back office (server) database/systems

Who can use this

The framework can be used by:

  • central government
  • health
  • local authorities
  • universities and colleges
  • third sector (voluntary organisations and charities registered in Scotland)
  • other public bodies

Full details can be found on Public Contracts Scotland.

Note: It is the responsibility of any buying organisation wishing to use the framework agreement to satisfy itself that it is eligible to do so.

Entitlement can be established from the terms of the OJEU advert and guidance on this can be found in annex A of our guidance on framework agreements.


Benefits for public bodies using this framework include:

  • maximise efficiency and collaboration through alignment of procurement activity with Scotland’s Digital Future: Delivery of Public Services, delivery and demonstrating real cash savings, embedding sustainable procurement and improving access to public sector contracts
  • robust and flexible route to market for application design and development services
  • consistent, easy and quick access to capable and qualified suppliers
  • avoidance of duplication of procurement activity within the Scottish public sector

Supplier details

Further information

See the attached buyer's guide for more information.

Information about pricing and terms and conditions for frameworks and contracts can be found on the Knowledge Hub.

If you are not registered to access this and are eligible to use the framework please complete the registration form and send it to one of the Scottish Procurement contacts listed below.


Suzanne Reid
Senior portfolio specialist, ICT services and software
Tel: 0141 242 0231

Margaret Anne McKeown
Portfolio manager, ICT services and software
Tel: 0141 242 0111