Multi‑storey residential buildings - fire risk posed by external wall systems: consultation analysis

An independent analysis of consultation responses to the Draft Scottish Advice Note (SAN): Determining the fire risk posed by external wall systems in existing multi-storey residential buildings.

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Annex D: Consultation Responses Published

Twenty-seven responses were received to the consultation document. Seven of the eight individuals who responded to the consultation selected "publish response" (Table D.1).

Table D.1: Individuals
Dick Jenkins Yes with name and address
David Muir Yes with name and address
Alex Bell Yes with name
ERDM Ref A30600643 Yes with no name or address
Andy Mallice Yes with name and address
ERDM Ref A30616292 Yes with no name and address
ERDM Ref A30616907 and A30617156 Yes with no name or address

All organisations that have submitted a response have their name and address made public, but not all choose to make their response public, Table D.2. Three organisations (*) have chosen not to have their response made public.

Table D.2: Organisations
ARUP National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC)
Building Societies Association Ravelston Terrace Cladding Working Group
City of Edinburgh Council* Rockwool Ltd
Fire Sector Federation Scottish Fire and Rescue Service
High Rise Scotland Action Group South Lanarkshire Council
Homes for Scotland The Property Managers Ass Scotland ltd
IFE* UK Finance
Insulation Manufacturers Association University Safety & Health Association (USHA) Fire (Scotland) Group
Kingspan Zurich*
MIMA (Mineral Wool Insulation Manufacturers Association)



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