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Advocacy in the Children's Hearings System: grant application

Published: 11 Sep 2019

A grant for advocacy provider organisations to support children involved in the Children's Hearings System.

Advocacy in the Children's Hearings System: grant application
What is available

What is available

The award of funding will take the form of a grant and the terms will be discussed with successful applicants.

A total of up to £1.2 million is available through the fund for 2020 to 2021.

Applications are invited for funding provider(s) to make a national and/or regional application. Provider(s) must be able to demonstrate the capacity to cover the totality of at least one local authority area.

Grants are provided net of recoverable VAT. Grants will not be made available until the recipient has incurred the expenditure and claims made for reimbursement. However, in 2019 to 2020 pre-funding for capacity building may be appropriate. Applications should detail the preferred form of support and provide a forecast of when funding is expected to be drawn (e.g. quarterly or bi-annually). Funding will be paid by BACS payment directly into the organisation’s bank account. 

The grants will be awarded for year 1 with indicative grants for year 2 and year 3 to be confirmed, subject to:

  • Scottish Government’s annual budget proposals being passed through the Scottish Parliament
  • supervening issues not being raised by, or about, the organisation that require funding to be varied or stopped during that time

This means that we will be able to tell successful applicants in November 2019 how much funding we expect them to receive during each year of the grant award and that this will only change if it is affected by one or more of the conditions set out above.

There is also space in the application form to tell us about any other Scottish Government funding. However, each of the applications will be assessed on their own merit, while considering the broader requirements of the Children’s Hearings (Scotland) Act 2011  

Allocations of funding

In the interests of transparency, the £1.2 million of funding will be notionally allocated for each local authority based on the number of Children’s Hearings and Pre-Hearing Panels held in 2018-2019 and evidence in applications on expected costs. This will form part of the evaluation process. Scottish Government may decide to award all or part of the funding for which you have applied. 

How alternate providers will be paid

We intend to reimburse alternate providers mainly through ‘spot purchasing’, however, a small grant may be awarded to enable capacity to stand ready to respond to any call for an alternate provider. An hourly rate of £30 will be paid on receipt of proof of claim information being received and accepted by the Scottish Government Children’s Advocacy Service in Children’s Hearings team.  

We recognise that there will potentially be costs associated with setting up as an alternate provider, such as training of personnel, updating of publicity materials etc and will consider payment to organisations on this basis. In order to do so, we require a full breakdown of estimated costs.  

Scottish Government expects that some complex or protracted cases will entail a larger than average number of hours of advocacy support. For these cases, we will expect the alternate provider to discuss the child/young person’s needs with the Scottish Government Children’s Hearings Advocacy Team and seek approval for the continued expenditure.


To discuss any part of this grant application you can contact the Children’s Hearings Advocacy Team: