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Advocacy in the Children's Hearings System: grant application

Published: 11 Sep 2019

A grant for advocacy provider organisations to support children involved in the Children's Hearings System.

Advocacy in the Children's Hearings System: grant application
Staff recruitment criteria

Staff recruitment criteria

The provider(s) will employ sufficient, suitably qualified staff to ensure that the work undertaken meets the needs of children and young people involved in the Children’s Hearings System. This includes the completion of the appropriate Protecting of Vulnerable Groups (PVG) checks. 

The provider(s) will be responsible for: 

  • accepting all referrals including those made by children and young people themselves and acknowledging and recording where they are unable to accept a referral
  • ensuring that the required referral information has been received and logged
  • processing the referral
  • conducting individual risk assessments at the point of referral and subsequent reviews as required
  • ensuring staff conduct is appropriate at all times
  • ensuring that all policies and procedures of the organisation are understood and adhered to at all times

The provider(s) shall demonstrate its commitment to the ongoing learning and development needs of its staff and provide: 

  • access to the national induction programme – making advocacy real in the modernised hearings system
  • training on equality and diversity issues
  • opportunities for continuous professional development of these staff

The provider(s) shall ensure that its staff have knowledge of the needs of children/young people who come into contact with the Children’s Hearings System and of the hearings themself. 

The provider(s) shall ensure that its staff responsible for providing this service are supervised and professionally supported.


To discuss any part of this grant application you can contact the Children’s Hearings Advocacy Team: