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Advance Payment Scheme - supporting documents: guidance

Published: 26 Nov 2020

Guidance for people applying to the Advance Payment Scheme about how to obtain ‘a supporting document’ – some kind of ‘record’ which shows you spent time in care in Scotland as a child.

Advance Payment Scheme - supporting documents: guidance
A note about Long-stay Hospitals

A note about Long-stay Hospitals

In the past, Scotland placed some children and young people in long-stay hospitals. These included for example, places like Gogarburn and Lennox Castle. Over time, most hospitals of this nature closed and the residents moved to community based establishments. If you lived in one of these hospitals, because of their closure and the historical nature of the records, it might be difficult to find detailed records of your time in care. We know that most NHS archives tend to be held within university archives. Records may also be held by NHS NSS Practitioner Services. If you want to access records in relation to a long stay hospital and are not sure where to approach, again, please contact the Advance Payment Team to discuss your particular circumstances.

There may also be other more recent records that could show that you were in long term hospital care in the past, for example:

  • Voluntary or supported housing association: if you moved to a community based service run by a voluntary or supported housing association -they might have some background papers from around the time that you were admitted. If so, you could ask that care or supported housing provider.
  • Local authority social work department: you might have received a community care assessment around the time of your discharge, or since. The local authority social work department that undertook that assessment might have a record that refers to you having been resident in a long-stay establishment
  • The NHS: may have notes or make reference to you having previously lived in a long-stay hospital (refer to the NHS section above contact details)