Adult Support and Protection revised Code of Practice

This revised Code of Practice is to replace the Code of Practice published in 2008.


An errata was published on 04/07/2014. This was to make minor changes to:

  • The Content table to reflect the correct titles in the Code of Practice, namely:
    Chapter 3 ‘alcohol and drug misuse’ was amended to ‘Problematic alcohol and drug use’
    ‘Assessing and managing risk of harm’ to ‘Assessing and managing the risk of harm’
    Chapter 4 - addition of section title ‘What are the council’s power under the Act’
    Addition of section title ‘A multi-agency approach to decision making
    Chapter 5 - deletion of section title ‘Multi –agency meetings
    Addition of section title ‘Meetings of agencies with the adult at risk’
    Chapter 6 - ‘When an adult declines to participate’ to ‘Where an adult at risk declines to participate’
    Chapter 7 - Deletion of ‘an investigation visit’, replaced with ‘A visit as part of an adult protection investigation’
    Addition of section title ‘Large Scale Investigations’
    Chapter 8 - ‘What are an adult’s rights during an interview’ replaced by ‘Considering the adult’s rights during an interview’
    Chapter 11, 12 and 13 - ‘Can an order be granted without an adults’ consent?’ replaced by ‘Can an order be granted or enforced without an adults’ consent?’
    Chapter 12 - ‘who is responsible for caring for the adult’s property?’ replaced by ‘Who has responsibility for caring for the adult’s property?’
    Chapter 13 - Who must the police notify when someone is arrested under Section 28?’ replaced by ‘What must the police do when someone is arrested under Section 28?’
    Chapter 15 - ‘Representation of service users’ and carers’ interests’ replaced by ‘Representation of the interests of adults receiving services and carers’
    ‘Monitoring, reporting and review’ replaced by ‘Monitoring, review and reporting’
  • Chapter 3 - paragraph 8 - ‘Further information on capacity and consent which is a complex area can be found in Chapter 8 and Annex A no 2-4, 12&20 (human rights) and 24 (Mental welfare commission…), 20 is replaced by 21 and 24 replaced by 25.
  • Chapter 4 – paragraph 2 – ‘For further information on the principles, please refer to Chapter 1’, Chapter 1 is replaced by Chapter 3.
  • Chapter 5 – paragraph 9 – ‘refer Annex B no 18’ is replaced by ‘refer to Annex A no 19’.
  • Chapter 6 - paragraph 14 – ‘refer to Annex B no 8’ is replaced by ‘refer to Annex A no 8’.
  • Chapter 8 – paragraph 16 – ‘see Chapter 9’ is replaced by ‘see Chapter 11’
  • Chapter 12 – 7 and 8 – ‘Chapter 1’ is replaced by ‘Chapter 3’; paragraph 10 ‘Chapter 3’ is replaced by ‘Chapter 5’ and paragraph 14 ‘please refer to paragraphs 23 to 28’ is replaced by ‘please refer to paragraphs 23 to 27’.
  • In Annex A, link no 6 ‘Alcohol and drug partnerships’, the link has been changed to

The pdf and html have been updated to reflect these changes.



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