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Additional support for learning review - statement from Angela Morgan

Published: 23 Sep 2019

Angela Morgan is leading a review into the provision of additional support for learning in schools.

23 Sep 2019
Additional support for learning review - statement from Angela Morgan

Angela will gather views and experiences from October to December 2019.  It is anticipated that a report with recommendations for next steps will be available in spring 2020. 

Angela Morgan said:

"All those who love and care for children and young people with additional support needs, have a responsibility for, and an interest in how these children and young people can learn, flourish and fulfil their potential.   

"The legislation, policy and guidance for Additional Support for Learning is consistent and comprehensive and upholds the key principle that all Scotland’s children have a right to be included and to learn.  However, we know that this is currently not being achieved for all our children and young people.

"Quite rightly this gap has received substantial attention in Scotland already; with significant discussions, analysis and reports which provide the basis for the focus of this review.  In addition, I know that there are a number of other relevant reviews and developments, either completed, in process or still to come which are relevant and significant for this important issue. Therefore, I am clear that this review of implementation cannot, in isolation, transform the landscape for all of the children and young people that we all wish to see.

"However, given we know so much from the work already done about what it is like for children and young people, their parents, school staff and others when the aspiration for learning to potential is not fulfilled, this review provides an essential opportunity to delve into and identify what factors do need to be in place for success.

"I am aware that I have limited time to have face to face contact with all of you who have important contributions to make to this review. I do hope that given the substantial body of work already available to me that the fact I cannot hear directly from everyone will not be misunderstood as an unwillingness but I do need to focus on gaps in the picture so far including on what works well.

"However, I absolutely appreciate the need to be heard and I would invite you to
contact me to tell me about your experience.  I will aim to ensure that other accessible opportunities are created as quickly as possible including for children and young people themselves.

"In particular I am keen to hear of examples - small or large - of where things do work well.  If you’ve had a difficult time, what by contrast has made the difference? What would you like to see more of or less of?  Where should we best focus efforts for positive change?

"I wish to assure you that all contributions to the review will be treated and respected as anonymous – whether positive or otherwise.

"I am very conscious that there is huge emotional investment in the underlying complexities and challenges of this landscape and my role is brief – and transitory.

"So I am committed to fulfilling my role in this process in a manner which is respectful, considerate and honest. The review report may contain challenge and cause discomfort and while it will not seek to ascribe 'blame', it must reflect the reality of your world and provide some support to all of you to improve that, whatever your perspective.  Please assist me in achieving that."

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