Education - Achieving Excellence and Equity: national improvement framework and improvement plan 2022

Sets out the vision and priorities for Scottish education that have been agreed across the system, and the national improvement activity that needs to be undertaken to help deliver those key priorities.


This year, once again, the COVID-19 pandemic has had an unavoidable impact on our schools and learners and on the National Improvement Framework and Improvement Plan. The impact of COVID-19 is continuing to place further pressure on the poverty related attainment gap, with a widening of the gap in 5 of the 11 key measures. This is despite all the hard work of school leaders, classroom teachers, school support staff, system leaders, children, young people, their carers and their families – who have all strived to ensure that learning continues despite COVID-19.

This issue is hardly unique to Scotland: worldwide, education has been impacted. A recent report from the World Bank documents evidence of pandemic related learning loss over 28 countries around the world, at all income levels.

This year’s National Improvement Framework therefore, demonstrates our long term commitment to a collaborative approach to improving Scotland’s education system. New initiatives build on earlier ones, learning from what works and what teachers, schools and young people tell us they need.

Together, the National Improvement Framework and National Improvement Plan underpin our long term plans, and reaffirm our commitment to a mission to deliver excellence and equity in Scottish education that began before COVID-19, and will continue to help us build a more resilient education system for the future.



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