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About Export Statistics Scotland

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Published: 2 Oct 2019
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Information on export statistics produced by the Scottish Government.

About Export Statistics Scotland
Other sources

There is no equivalent export publication to Scotland's Global Connections Survey for the UK or its regions. However, alternative data sources include:

HMRC UK Trade Data

HMRC collects information for the UK and data is available from the UKtradeinfo website. The information refers to export of goods only and the two data sources which may be of interest are:

Regional Trade Statistics (RTS)

Trade is allocated to a region based on employment split rather than where the location of the Head Office of the business is. For specific energy goods only, trade is now allocated to the region where the goods enter or leave the UK rather than the location / employment of the business doing the trade. The goods concerned are Electrical energy, Natural Gas in a gaseous state and Crude Oil exported directly from offshore oil rigs. Crude Oil imported to the UK and exported from terminals is still allocated to the region of the business.

This new methodology has resulted in a higher proportion of UK trade allocated to Scotland and a reduced ‘unknown’ allocation.

Overseas Trade Statistics (OTS)

This is UK level trade data only but provides more detailed commodity information.

ONS Regionalised estimates of UK service exports

ONS have developed an experimental methodology to estimate the value of services exports abroad from the English regions, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

The publication includes Scotland-level service exports broken down by industry sector.


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