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Aberdeen City Council planning authority: core documents

Aberdeen City council planning authority core documents library for use in planning and environmental appeals.

11 Jun 2018
Aberdeen City Council planning authority: core documents

To submit materials to be considered as part of this collection, email them to

Planning authorities can make submissions using the eplanning document exchange system.

To submit a document on this list as part of your document list, you must hyperlink the document name with the URL for the document. Please note it is not sufficient to provide a link to the front page of the core documents library, accompanied by a list of relevant documents. The links must to be to each specific document referred to. Any document lists submitted without complete links for each document will be returned to you. If you are referring to an extract of a larger document, you should specify the relevant section in your document list e.g. Local development plan - Chapter 3 - Section 7.2.

The following are materials that have been accepted as core documents for the Aberdeen City Council planning authority.

Council documents

  • City Centre Masterplan and Delivery Programme 2015
  • Aberdeen – the smarter city

Regional documents

  • Aberdeen City and Shire Strategic Development Plan 2014
  • Regional Transport Strategy 2013
  • Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Retail Study 2013

Supplementary guidance

  • The Repair and Replacement of Windows and Doors
  • Shops and Signs
  • Big Buildings
  • Stonecleaning
  • Temporary Buildings
  • Landscape
  • Energetica
  • Householder Development Guide
  • The Sub-division and Redevelopment of Residential Curtilages
  • Conversion of Buildings in the Countryside
  • Hierarchy of Centres
  • Union Street Frontages
  • Harmony of Uses
  • Serviced Apartments
  • Children's Nurseries
  • Planning Obligations
  • Affordable Housing
  • Gypsy/Traveller Sites
  • Transport and Accessibility
  • Air Quality
  • Noise
  • Natural Heritage
  • Trees and Woodlands
  • Flooding, Drainage and Water Quality
  • Green Space Network and Open Space
  • Resources for New Development
  • Wind Turbine Developments
  • Bay of Nigg Development Framework
  • Bridge of Don AECC Development Framework
  • Countesswells Development Framework & Phase 1 Masterplan - Part 1
  • Countesswells Development Framework & Phase 1 Masterplan - Part 2
  • Dubford Development Framework
  • Friarsfield Development Framework
  • Former Davidson's Mill Development Framework & Masterplan
  • Grandhome Development Framework - Part 1
  • Grandhome Development Framework - Part 2
  • Kingswells (Prime Four) Development Framework & Phase 1 Masterplan
  • Kingswells (Prime Four) Phases 2 & 3 Masterplan
  • Kingswells (Prime Four Expansion) OP63 Development Framework
  • Maidencraig Masterplan
  • Newhills Development Framework
  • Oldfold Development Framework & Masterplan
  • Persley Den / Woodside Masterplan
  • Rowett North AECC Development Framework
  • Stoneywood Development Framework & Masterplan
  • West Huxterstone Masterplan

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Newhills Development Framework.pdf

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West Huxterstone Masterplan.pdf

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