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  1. Corporate report | 14 Oct 2021

    Fair Start Scotland: annual report - year 3

    This report highlights the progress that our national employment support service Fair Start Scotland has made in its third year of delivery. It draws from evaluation evidence and provider and participant feedback to show the impact the service had on individuals and communities throughout 2020/2021.

  2. Research and analysis | 14 Oct 2021

    Fair Start Scotland: evaluation report 4 - year 3 overview

    This report sets out findings from an evaluation of the Fair Start Scotland service. The findings are drawn from a range of research activities involving participants, service providers and key delivery partners, undertaken during the third year of delivery, covering April 2020 to March 2021

  3. Advice and guidance | 04 Oct 2021

    Fairer Scotland Duty: guidance for public bodies

    Statutory guidance for public sector bodies subject to the Fairer Scotland Duty to help them actively consider how they can reduce inequalities of outcome caused by socio-economic disadvantage, when making strategic decisions.

  4. Consultation paper | 01 Oct 2021

    Becoming a Fair Work nation: consultation

    This consultation seeks views on achieving this vision and ensuring Fair Work remains at the heart of our labour market interventions, particularly in the context of COVID-19 and EU Exit, by identifying the relevant challenges and opportunities for Fair Work across the Scottish economy.