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  1. Transparency data | 14 Dec 2017

    Portfolio budgets and plans to level 3

    Data is published in response to the Budget Process Review Group Report to improve the accessibility and transparency of the budget.

  2. Factsheet | 12 Dec 2017

    Budget process

    Detailing the process of publishing budget papers.

  3. Consultation paper | 02 Nov 2017

    The role of income tax in Scotland's budget

    A discussion paper that aims to provide useful background to help inform the debate on future use of the income tax powers devolved to the Scottish Parliament.

  4. Corporate report | 30 Jun 2017

    Budget Process Review Group: final report

    The final report of the independent Budget Process Review Group sets out their recommendations for revising the way in which the annual Scottish Budget is set.

  5. Advice and guidance | 02 Feb 2017

    Spring budget 2016-2017: supporting document

    Revisions to the Level 2 and 3 budgets detailed in the supporting document of the Budget Act 2016 as amended by the Autumn Budget Revision 2016-2017.