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  1. Corporate report | 17 Dec 2020

    Scottish Budget 2019-2020: final outturn report

    A statement of final outturn for the financial year 2019 to 2020 against the statutory limits authorised by the Scottish Parliament through the appropriate legislative processes.

  2. Corporate report | 17 Dec 2020

    Scottish Government consolidated accounts: annual report 2019 to 2020

    Annual report of the consolidated financial results of the Scottish Government, its Executive Agencies and the Crown Office, prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). The Audit Scotland report on the accounts is also linked and is unqualified.

  3. Research and analysis | 22 Nov 2020

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) - UK fiscal path: update - November 2020

    Paper setting out the approach the Scottish Government believes the UK Government should follow at its forthcoming Spending Review to support the UK economy and public finances as we continue to respond to the challenges caused by coronavirus.

  4. Consultation paper | 12 Oct 2020

    Island communities impact assessments: guidance - consultation

    Our islands face particular challenges around distance, geography, connectivity and demography, so it is important that policy makers consider these properly. The consultation on the guidance will help ensure that islands receive fair treatment tailored to their unique circumstances.

  5. Corporate report | 01 Oct 2020

    Fiscal framework outturn report: 2020

    The Fiscal Framework Outturn Report 2020 publishes outturn and reconciliation information for Scottish Income Tax, Scottish Landfill Tax, Land and Buildings Transaction Tax and devolved Social Security benefits, as well as updates on borrowing and the Scotland Reserve.