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  1. Statistics | 15 Apr 2020

    Marine economic statistics 2017: corrected April 2020

    Statistics on economic contributions of Scotland’s marine sectors present a time series of Gross Value Added (GVA), turnover and employment for industrial categories defined as part of the marine sector. This publication was originally published in October 2019 and was corrected in April 2020.

  2. Strategy/plan | 31 Mar 2020

    Scottish Crown Estate: strategic management plan

    Vision and objectives, priorities and policies for the future management of the estate to deliver wider and long-term social, economic and environmental benefits.

  3. Statistics | 27 Mar 2020

    Scottish Natural Capital Accounts: 2020

    This report gives estimates of the quantity and value of services supplied by Scottish natural capital covering: Agricultural biomass Fish capture Timber Water abstraction Minerals Fossil fuel Renewable energy Carbon sequestration Air pollution removal Noise mitigation Urban cooling Recreation