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  1. Advice and guidance | 24 Mar 2021

    Scottish Welfare Fund: statutory guidance – March 2021

    An update to the Scottish Welfare Fund statutory guidance, previously published in May 2019, to include a section on the Self-isolation Support Grant and to correct any inaccuracies or anachronisms which have occurred since the previous publication.

  2. Strategy/plan | 24 Mar 2021

    Learning/intellectual disability and autism: transformation plan

    The autism and learning/intellectual disability transformation plan 'Towards Transformation' sets out to ensure that progress is made in transforming Scotland for autistic people and people with learning/intellectual disabilities.

  3. Speech/statement | 24 Mar 2021

    Tackling race inequality in employment: statement

    Scottish Government pledge to implement the key recommendations of the Scottish Parliament's Equalities and Human Rights Committee’s Race Equality, Employment and Skills: Making Progress report.