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  1. Transparency data | 14 Jan 2021

    COVID-19 Education Recovery Group: children and young people infographic

    Infographics providing a weekly snapshot of current COVID-related data in relation to children and young people, and their associated workforce, such as the number of tests and positive cases reported, and the attendance and absence of both children and staff in childcare and school settings.

  2. Impact assessment | 13 Jan 2021

    Coronavirus (COVID-19): impact of school building closures - equity audit

    The report includes a synthesis of key local, national and international literature, supplemented with local evidence gathered from 54 schools across Scotland. The findings help deepen our understanding of the impact the pandemic has had on children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

  3. Impact assessment | 13 Jan 2021

    Student loan repayment threshold increase: equality impact assessment

    Equality impact assessment (EQIA) identified that increasing the repayment threshold, in general, had a positive impact for students in repayment by ensuring they are supported during their studies and after they graduate and creating a more stable position for borrowers.

  4. Progress report | 30 Dec 2020

    Coronavirus (COVID-19): impact on fair access to higher education - interim report

    This interim report on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on fair access to higher education considers both the direct impact of the public health measures that have had to be taken and indirect impact of actions taken by colleges and universities to mitigate the worst effects of these measures.