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  1. Transparency data | 14 Jan 2022

    COVID-19 Education Recovery Group: children and young people infographic

    Infographics providing a weekly snapshot of current COVID-related data in relation to children and young people, and their associated workforce, such as the number of tests and positive cases reported, and the attendance and absence of both children and staff in childcare and school settings.

  2. Advice and guidance | 13 Jan 2022

    Short Life Working Group for Mental Health in Primary Care: report

    The Mental Health in Primary Care Short Life Working Group recommended the establishment of Mental Health and Wellbeing in Primary Care Services within areas served by a group of GP practices, providing assessment, advice and support for people who require a mental health or a wellbeing response.

  3. Advice and guidance | 13 Jan 2022

    Primary care mental health models in Scotland

    This paper informed the Mental Health in Primary Care Short Life Working Group recommendations, providing examples and success factors, of various Mental Health models that are in place across Health Boards in Scotland.