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  1. Impact assessment | 23 Dec 2020

    Manufacturing - recovery plan: equalities impact assessment

    The Equalities and Fairer Scotland Impact Assessment (EQIA) for Making Scotland's Future: A Recovery Plan for Manufacturing considers how the Recovery Plan impacts on the diverse groups of manufacturing stakeholders, and its socio-economic impact to help reduce inequalities in Scotland.

  2. Impact assessment | 23 Dec 2020

    Digital strategy for planning: equalities impact assessment

    Equalities Impact Assessment (EQIA) results summary for Transforming Places Together - the digital strategy for planning in Scotland. The EQIA considers the impact of the strategy on the protected characteristics.

  3. Impact assessment | 22 Dec 2020

    Scottish General Election (Coronavirus) Bill: equality impact assessment

    This assessment identifies impacts of the Scottish General Election (Coronavirus) Bill on the duty to advance equality, eliminate discrimination and foster good relations with people who share protected characteristics. This Bill outlines contingencies for running the 2021 Election under COVID-19.

  4. Impact assessment | 21 Dec 2020

    Cancer services - action plan: equalities impact assessment

    Equalities Impact Assessment (EQIA) evaluates how the Cancer Recovery Plan (Recovery and Redesign: An Action Plan for Cancer Services) will affect individuals once implemented, with a focus on those in direct contact with cancer services.