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  1. Consultation paper | 16 Jul 2021

    Building standards (fire safety) - external wall systems: consultation

    This consultation seeks views on a ban of the highest risk cladding materials on new buildings and to give further consideration to façade system testing. Any changes will be introduced through amendments to building regulations and supporting guidance in Section 2: fire of the technical handbooks.

  2. Consultation paper | 15 Jul 2021

    Co-chomhairleachadh air Dreach Plana Gàidhlig Riaghaltas na h-Alba: 2021-2026

    Fo Achd na Gàidhlig (Alba) 2005 tha dleastanas reachdail aig Riaghaltas na h-Alba Plana Gàidhlig ullachadh. 'S e seo treas ath-thriall a' Phlana. Tha e a' mìneachadh na bun-dhleastanasan tron tèid dealas an Riaghaltais don chànan agus am Plana Cànain Nàiseanta a choileanadh n-ar raointean-obrach.

  3. Consultation paper | 15 Jul 2021

    Gaelic language plan 2021-2026 - draft: consultation

    Under the Gaelic Language (Scotland) Act 2005, we have a statutory obligation to support Gaelic through the development of a Gaelic Language Plan. This is the third iteration of our plan and outlines its commitments towards Gaelic and the National Gaelic Language Plan.

  4. Consultation analysis | 09 Jul 2021

    Abortion notifications and data: consultation analysis

    Analysis of responses to a public consultation on the proposed changes to the requirements around statutory notifications of abortions in Scotland which must be sent to the Chief Medical Officer (CMO).