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  1. 07 Nov 2018 10:00

    Funeral Expense Assistance regulations: consultation analysis

    Independent analysis of responses to consultation on draft regulations to implement Funeral Expense Assistance (FEA) in Scotland by summer 2019.

  2. 31 Oct 2018 16:27

    Clinical pathways to support adults who experienced sexual assault: consultation

    We are seeking views on the clinical pathways and guidance for healthcare professionals working to support adults who present having experienced rape or sexual assault.

  3. 31 Oct 2018 10:30

    Early learning and childcare service model for 2020: consultation analysis

    Analysis of responses to the joint Scottish Government and COSLA consultation on the new Early Learning and Childcare service model for 2020.

  4. 31 Oct 2018 09:20

    Update of the Licensing (Procedure) (Scotland) Regulations 2007: summary of responses

    Summary of responses to a consultation on updating secondary legislation which sets out procedural matters related to the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005.

  5. 23 Oct 2018 14:00

    Unconventional oil and gas policy: SEA

    Environmental report for the strategic environmental assessment (SEA) of our preferred policy position on unconventional oil and gas in Scotland.

  6. 23 Oct 2018 14:00

    Unconventional oil and gas policy: partial BRIA

    Partial business and regulatory impact assessment (BRIA) of the development of unconventional oil and gas policy in Scotland.

  7. 17 Oct 2018 09:30

    Beavers in Scotland: consultation analysis

    The purpose of this consultation was to give stakeholders an opportunity to provide feedback on the policy decision to reintroduce beavers to Scotland.

  8. 15 Oct 2018 13:32

    Draft noise action plans: consultation

    The European Noise Directive (END) was adopted in 2004 and requires member states to bring about measures which are intended to avoid, prevent or reduce noise on a prioritised area basis.

  9. 15 Oct 2018 11:00

    Offshore wind, wave and tidal energy applications: consenting and licensing manual

    This document provides guidance on applying for consents and marine licences for offshore renewable energy projects within both Scottish Territorial Waters (out to 12 nautical miles (“nm”)) and Scottish Offshore Waters (12-200 nm). It updates and replaces the draft Marine Scotland Licensing and Consents Manual published in 2013.

  10. 10 Oct 2018 10:15

    Welfare Foods: consultation report

    This consultation on meeting the needs of children and families in Scotland was published in April 2018 and invited views on our approach to Welfare Foods following the devolution through the Scotland Act 2016.