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  1. Consultation paper | 26 Aug 2019

    Child trafficking guardians: consultation

    A consultation on the implementation of Section 11 of the Human Trafficking and Exploitation (Scotland) Act 2015: the appointment and role of independent child trafficking guardians.

  2. Consultation paper | 05 Aug 2019

    Handling of waste: amendment to legislation: consultation

    Consultation on extending the power of Scottish Ministers to direct the holder of a permit issued under the PPC Regulations 2012 to accept and keep, or accept and treat or dispose of, controlled waste at specified places and on specified terms.

  3. Consultation analysis | 05 Aug 2019

    Social security: response to consultation on draft investigation of offences regulations

    Response to the main views expressed in the report on the consultation on the draft investigation of offences regulations and the code of practice for investigations, outlining where the draft code of practice has been updated and highlighting areas within the draft investigation of offences regulations that are being reviewed.