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  1. Consultation paper | 13 Mar 2020

    Wild wrasse harvesting: consultation

    Consultation seeking views on the introduction of mandatory measures to control the harvesting of live wrasse for the salmon farming industry.

  2. Consultation analysis | 10 Mar 2020

    Parking and bus lane adjudicators: consultation analysis

    Analysis of responses to the consultation on the draft regulations transferring the parking and bus lane adjudicators to the Scottish Tribunals and an indication of how the regulations have been revised.

  3. Consultation analysis | 06 Mar 2020

    Freedom of information - extension of coverage: consultation analysis

    Summary of responses to the Scottish Government's consultation exercise on extension of FOISA, which ran from 30 August to 3 December 2019. The consultation sought views on the future use of Scottish Ministers' powers under section 5 to extend coverage of the Act.