Goose management policy in Scotland: 2010 review

Review of goose management policy in Scotland conducted in 2010.

13 Appendix D: All options currently available under Rural priorities

Options available under Axis 1 - improving the competitiveness of agriculture and forestry by supporting restructuring, development and innovation.

1. Skills Development
2. Setting up Young Farmers - Interest Rate Relief
3. Nutrient Management Plan
4. Soil and Water Management Programme
5. Restructuring Agricultural Businesses
6. Manure/Slurry Storage
7. Manure/Slurry Treatment
8. Short Rotation Coppice Crops of Willow or Poplar
9. Renewable Energy - Agriculture
10. Renewable Energy - Forestry
11. Improving the Economic Value of Forests
12. Processing and Marketing of Primary Products
13. Co-operation - Non Food and Forestry Supply Chain
14. Provision and Upgrading of Infrastructure
15. Treat Run-Off of Pollutants - Biobeds
16. Treat Run-Off of Pollutants - Farm Wetlands

Options available under Axis 2 - improving the environment and the countryside by supporting land management.

1. Conversion and Maintenance of Organic Farming
2. Wild Bird Seed Mix/Unharvested Crop
3. Mown Grassland For Wildlife
4. Mown Grassland For Corn Buntings
5. Mown Grassland For Corncrakes
6. Grazed Grassland For Corncrakes
7. Creation And Management of Cover For Corncrakes
8. Management Of Cover For Corncrakes
9. Open Grazed Or Wet Grassland For Wildlife
10. Mammal and Bird Control
11. Supplementary Food Provision For Raptors
12. Wardening For Golden Eagles
13. Control of Invasive Non-Native Species
14. Management of Species Rich Grassland
15. Bracken Management Programme for Habitat Enhancement
16. Creation and Management of Species Rich Grassland
17. Management of Habitat Mosaics
18. Management of Wetland
19. Create, Restore and Manage Wetland
20. Management/Restoration of Lowland Raised Bogs
21. Water Margins and Enhanced Riparian Buffer Areas
22. Management of Flood Plains
23. Buffer Areas for Fens and Lowland Raised Bogs
24. Coastal or Serpentine Heath
25. Lowland Heath
26. Wildlife Management on Upland and Peatland Sites
27. Management of Moorland Grazing
28. Moorland Grazings on Uplands and Peatlands
29. Moorland - Stock Disposal
30. Away-Wintering of Sheep
31. Off-Wintering of Sheep
32. Muirburn and Heather Swiping
33. Management of Hedgerows
34. Extended Hedges
35. Grass Margins and Beetlebanks
36. Biodiversity Cropping on In-Bye
37. Cropped Machair
38. Management of Ancient Wood Pasture
39. Scrub and Tall Herb Communities
40. Arable Reversion to Grassland
41. Habitat Grazing Management
42. Livestock Tracks, Gates and River Crossings
43. Conservation Management for Small Units
44. Grazing Management of Cattle
45. Woodland Creation
46. Sustainable Management of Forests
47. Woodland Improvement Grant

Options available under Axis 3 - Axis 3 - improving the quality of life in rural areas and encouraging diversification of economic activity.

1. Diversification Outwith Agriculture
2. Support for Renewable Energy - Non Land-Based
3. Development/Creation of Micro-Enterprises
4. Information & Awareness Raising
5. Area Access Management
6. Reducing Bacterial Contamination in Watercourses
7. Community Services and Facilities
8. Management of Archaeological or Historical Sites
9. Management and Repair of Vernacular Buildings
10. Enjoyment of Rural Landscapes
11. Skills Development to Improve Quality of Life
12. Collaborative Local Development Strategies


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