Third sector

Community Capacity and Resilience Fund

The Community Capacity and Resilience Fund aims to tackle poverty and inequality, with a particular focus on supporting people who have been impacted by cuts to welfare.

Announced in February 2017, the three-year fund will provide £1.9 million of funding to ensure that local third sector groups can deliver direct support to their communities, such as:

  • improving access to everyday essentials such as food and toiletries
  • providing free meals for children during school holidays
  • offering furniture and household equipment to those in need
  • giving welfare and careers advice and support

The Community Capacity and Resilience Fund aims to give community-based organisations the opportunity to test out new approaches, develop their workforce and add capacity, so that they can better combat social inequalities, promote social inclusion and support partnership working.

Delivery of the fund

The funding will be distributed from 2017 to 2018 until 2019 to 2020, continuing our investment in small grass-roots organisations that began in 2014.

It will be delivered through the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO), as well as Development Trust Associations Scotland (DTAS) and Scottish Community Alliance (SCA) initiatives. DTAS and SCA work largely through community anchor organisations, which then distribute the funds and provide support to smaller local organisations.

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