Housing Voluntary Grant Scheme

The Housing Voluntary Grant Scheme gives funding to voluntary projects that will benefit people in Scotland.

Who can apply

Grants for existing services are available for national organisations. These services must have:

  • demonstrated that they work
  • provided valuable services over a number of years

For the purposes of this grant scheme, the definition of national is an organisation whose operations cover most, if not all, of Scotland. Local organizations can apply as part of a partnership to achieve this national coverage.

Funding for new or innovative projects with the potential to benefit Scotland as a whole is open to both local and national organizations.

Awards can be made for core funding, specific projects or a mix of both. If it is a new project it must also be able to be rolled out nationally within three years.

Grant applications for 2019 to 2020 are now closed. To apply for a grant in 2020 to 2021, call Brian Hunter on 0131 244 9455 or email HVSG@gov.scot. The scheme is reviewed annually, and is subject to funding being made available by Ministers.

Latest organisations to receive funding from the scheme



Grant Awarded 2019/2020

Project Summary

Age Scotland



To provide information and advice to older people in Scotland.  This project includes producing a number of publications, commissioning research and holding events.

Housing Support Enabling Unit (HSEU)



To assist providers of housing support to have a voice in policy making. HSEU organises information events and provide electronic publications, provide information and support to housing support providers.

Legal Services Agency





The Preventing Homelessness Project extends the model of developing, testing and disseminating legal remedies.

Move On Ltd



Project that assists young people at threat of homelessness through peer support & education.

Housing Options Scotland



Housing Options Scotland provides independent advice, information and support services on housing options, to disabled people, veterans and older people.

Glasgow Centre for Inclusive Living



This project is aimed at the continuation of GCIL’s online Home2Fit and Adapt2Fit Registers.  The registers provide a national resource for disabled people who are looking for a suitable home in either the private or social rented sector.

Positive Action In Housing




Housing advice and support service for BME, refugees etc.

Say Women



SAY Women is a voluntary organisation which offers safe, supported accommodation and related services for young women, aged 16-25 years, who are survivors of childhood sexual abuse, rape or sexual assault and who are homeless or threatened with homelessness.

Scottish Churches Housing Action



Project supports a range of services and activities including training for volunteers involved in local starter pack’s projects and befriending networks. 

Scottish Refugee Council



The Housing Integration Projects aim is to overcome barriers facing refugees looking to secure their first tenancy to improve the housing experience for refugees in Scotland through community access, case work, learning, advices and self-support programmes.

Scottish Women’s Aid



Project focusses on tackling and preventing homelessness for women who are victims of domestic abuse.

Homeless Action Scotland



Facilitates national homelessness networks and National Homelessness and Employability co-ordinator.

Shelter Scotland




To provide access to specialist legal expertise and representation on housing issues across Scotland.

Scottish Homelessness Involvement Empowerment Network (SHIEN)



Share practice and promote joint working across homelessness services in Scotland around service user involvement. SHIEN aims to ensure that service users across Scotland have as many opportunities as possible to influence the policies, practices and perceptions that affect them.

Tenant Information Service (TIS) / Tenant Participation (TPAS) Advisory Service

(joint application)



Develop tailored support to the four new Regional Networks to advance their skills and influence national housing policy. Raise awareness of the revised ‘Guide to Successful Tenant Participation’.

Rock Trust



Aims to ensure that every young person in Scotland has access to expert youth specific services to assist them to avoid, survive and move on from homelessness. Works to ensure that the public, policy makers, commissioners and practitioners understand the issues, make decisions and take action that will help  to end homelessness.