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Cross-border forestry arrangements

Devolving forestry to Scotland presents an opportunity to revise and strengthen cross-border co-operation on a range of matters, including tree health, forestry science and research, and common codes such as the UK Forestry Standard.

We have discussed and agreed new shared responsibilities for key cross-border functions with the Welsh and UK Governments and the Forestry Commission.

Each government is co-ordinating the delivery of one or more functions on behalf of all three administrations, as follows:

  • Scotland will lead on the UK Forestry Standard, the Woodland Carbon Code and forestry economics advice
  • Wales will co-ordinate the commissioning, co-ordination and programme management of forestry research, including the Science and Innovation Strategy for Forestry in Great Britain
  • England / UK will lead in co-ordinating international forestry policy support and certain plant health (forestry) functions, primarily linked to trade (other tree health functions will continue to be carried out separately in other countries)
  • Forest Research will remain intact as an executive agency of the Forestry Commissioners to provide expertise in forestry science, statistics and inventory in support of the three administrations' forestry functions

Ministers are committed to maintaining continuity of delivery while we transition to the new cross-border arrangements, which will be in place by April 2019.

A Memorandum of Understanding will be produced to capture the details of the new governance, commissioning and funding arrangements.