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Investing in people and infrastructure

We are investing in Scotland's people and infrastructure to stimulate economic growth, increase our competitiveness and create opportunities for all.

Our main focus points for investment are outlined below.

Education, skills and health

We are investing in Scotland's people at all stages of life to ensure that we have a well-skilled, healthy and resilient population, and an innovative, engaged and productive workforce.

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Infrastructure and digital

Investing in physical and digital infrastructure is essential for attracting business investment, delivering high-quality public services, improving access to employment and enabling businesses, households and communities to take advantage of new technology.

Significant investments in the pipeline include the Forth Replacement Crossing, in which we're investing more than £1.3 billion.

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The future success of Scotland's economy depends upon the growth and competitiveness of Scotland's businesses, so we are creating a business environment that supports their success and growth.

Read about how we are supporting business.

We are also investing in a number of key sectors in which Scotland has a distinct comparative advantage. These are:

Natural capital, resource efficiency and low carbon

Scotland's natural capital – including its air, land, water, soil, biodiversity and geological resources – is fundamental to a healthy and resilient economy, and supports sectors such as agriculture, forestry, fisheries, tourism and renewables.

We are protecting our natural capital by investing in:

Communities, local assets and housing

We are supporting communities in Scotland by investing in regeneration projects, affordable housing and work led by the third sector.

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